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Welcome to Oakcrest!

Oakcrest is a large market/trading town that sits in the middle of 3 minor Guild trade routes. The town enjoys a stable economy thanks to the backing from the Guild influence. About 400 miles south of Nexus, many caravans will stop and resupply before continuing on one of the minor highways. The population of Oakcrest has swelled in recent years and stands around 4500 individuals, most inhabiting the middle wards, shantytowns outside the main walls and the farmlands surrounding it. Because of the popularity of this town, 11 villages have established themselves around it, the farthest one being 8 miles out. Each boasts a few hundred citizens and a business or two to support the people and to bring products into Oakcrest for shipping purposes.
The buildings of Oakcrest are constructed primarily of wood and carved earth, either clay or stone depending on what can be afforded at the time and where they are located. In the upper ward, the public buildings (such as the hall of records, temples to the local gods, town treasury and town armory) are mostly composed of edged marble and treated wood to resist weather and wear. Some of the more wealthier citizens can afford large houses here and many coucil members have some standings in this district. The middle ward, boasting over 50 prominent businesses, are a mix of local wood and some exotic tones to stand out from the crowd accompanied with clay and stone brick work. Most of the citizens of Oakcrest have some dwelling here, except for a single street lined with businesses catering to the locals. This is also where the Jade Writ Academy and the Silver Flask Academy is located. The lower ward holds the main marketplace where business is done on a daily basis. Because of the town being positioned right between 3 minor highways, Guild presence is always felt, if not seen. Beyond the town’s walls here, the most marginal land is the shantytown for those who work in the town but cannot afford the rent for one reason or another.

The villages surrounding Oakcrest all have their own feel and business to them but have the same structure. Small clusters of houses within a palisade, defensive ditch or other barrier, have fields set all around outside. The fields closest to the village center are reserved for the cereal crop while the outlying farms handle livestock and orchards.

Oakcrest has two prominent schools that take on young students and those willing to put the effort and coin forth. The Jade Writ Academy is a school that is dedicated to teaching mercantile (trade, money exchanging, economy in the East). Ran by a small council of upper class merchants, the school is funded partially by the Guild but remains mostly independent to any faction of the town. The Silver Flask Academy is a school that specializes in teaching alchemy, wood carving and minor enchanting. The school is run by the local elders of the town and occasionally the shamaness. When students graduate from this school, they are more than likely saddled with a caravan or remain in the town to take over the business of their parents.

The most prominent societies in Oakcrest are The Ironrose Society and The Red Simhata Society. The Ironrose Society is a group of wood carvers and craft masons that excel in their skills and always strive to do better than that. The group doesn’t discriminate and accepts upper and lower class citizens of the town, as long as they are adept in their craft. The society supports that teaching of basic crafting skills to the youth and support The Silver Flash Academy with jobs and coin. The Red Simhata Society is a group of heroic mortals that are looked to during times of great distress. Mortals that stand out from the crowd, whether they be a merchant or a warrior, are brought into this society and are encouraged to keep up with at least a few of their comrades. If tasks are too great for the town guard to handle, a community pool is put up for the group of heroes that take on the task and succeed.

Some of the lineages date back to the conception of the town centuries ago. Of the 7 lineages that make Oakcrest their home today, only 2 can boast being there from the beginning.

- The Taibin lineage dates back to the time of the town’s construction. At the beginning, this lineage was composed of close tied craftsmen and merchants. Since then, the group has slowly taken more interest in merchant and alchemical deals. There have been a few complaints about dirty dealing by their families but little to nothing has been proven.
- The Polis lineage is fairly young but holds some promise. The families focus on minor trading and a few exotic ingredients but have yet to really stick out on the community, besides some of their members taking up shaman roles for the local gods.
- The Numels lineage has always been very active in political manners but more so in the Red Simhata Society. What they lack in numbers they make up in their progression of planting their names on several prominent figures in Oakcrest. The lineage has had some internal clashes with the Mosen lineage but nothing too serious but heated shouting matches.
- The Mosen lineage are proud warriors and honored swords for hire in the community. The military gets many generals from their lineage and the Red Simhata Society a few heroic mortals. The number of individuals can boast a few god-blooded in their mix as well.

Notable Locations and Shops

-Luca’s Dumplings: A dumpling and noodle stand in the local’s district that is very popular for their unique recipes.

-The Magpie’s Oddities: A small basement shop full of quirky items and curiosities from the occult field of knowledge.

-Ivy’s Inn: The more popular inn that the locals swear by. Always using fresh ingredients for their drinks and food, the extra coin is worth it. On occasion, locals will post jobs and requests to their bulletin wall.

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