Ivy 1

Of Ivy and Ash is a story that takes place primarily in the Scavenger Lands and extends out farther into the east.

Realm Year 768

. . . . .

Solars have slowly begun to return to Creation after centuries of being absent. While the returning Lawgivers have the potential of becoming the great saviors and heroes in these dire times, they have many obstacles ahead. The first thing they have to do is survive and rediscover their past selves then decide how to cope with a curse that was laid upon them by the Primordials as they fell. It is only a matter of time until powerful enemies, some new and some from old times, become aware of their return and begin to dig up information, pulling strings from behind their curtains to slay or capture the fledgling Solars. With each action a Lawgiver makes, ripples are sent out over the Scavenger Lands and far out into Creation.

Unbound by destiny, what future will be carved out by these men and women? Are they really the legends they once were or are they only to repeat their former failures and be put down like wild dogs once more?
Time and their actions are the only factors that will truly be able to decide that . . . let’s find out where you stand . . .

Of Ivy and Ash

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